SIDE3.1 (for Atari 800/XL/XE)

Ultimate cart for Atari 8bit - XEX, COM, ROM / Cartridges load capable .

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The Side III can be seen as the ultimate cart for Atari 8-Bit computers.
Besides being able to load XEX and CAR files as well as mounting and booting ATR files, it feautures a fully intuitive menu with built-in filemanager and a lot of configurable options that easily be changed and saved.

You can find all the features of the firmware (including the latest version of the firmware) on this website:
BTW: With buying the SIDE3, you support the firmware development.

The features: 

* Use of inexpensive, easily sourced SD cards instead of CF cards
* Emulation of a wide range of cartridge types, up to 1MB in size
* Real time clock with battery-backed NVRAM
* A massive 8MB of flash ROM and 8MB of fast SRAM
* Versatile ROM/RAM access with DMA engine
* Hot-swappable media
* Dual mode (SDX/Loader) operation, controlled by switch
* Menu button (doubles as ATR swap button when used with U1MB)
* Excellent build quality with stylish case design

Technical Details
Atari 800/XL/XE
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