Turbo Everdrive Pro (TG16 / PC-Engine) (Black)

Probably the best flashcart for the TG16/the PC engine

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The Turbo Everdrive Pro is probably the best flashcart available for the TG16 / PC Engine!

Compared to the normal Turbo Everdrive, the Pro version can load CD games on consoles without CD-ROM! And thanks to the Arcade Card function, Arcade CD ROM² games will run as well.

In addition, Save States are supported (even several per game) and the Ten no Koe 2 save system is simulated as well.

And it has an improved menu, which you can set up with your own theme, and a USB port for debugging for developers.

The technical details in detail:

* Cyclone IV FPGA
* 16MB PSRAM memory
* High quality 6-layer board with hard gold alloy
* Built-in CD-ROM² core **
* Arcade card functions
* In-game Menu
* Multiple savestates per game
* Ten no Koe 2 memory support
* Cheats
* Custom themes for main menu possible
* Detects region automatically (no need to switch)
* Built-in firmware installer
* USB port for developers

** Note:
The built-in CD-ROM² core will not work if a CD-ROM or Ten no Koe 2 is connected to the console, or if the console has a built-in CD-ROM.
For this reason, the caer cannot play CD games on Duo systems.

Technical Details
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