Jet Paco (NES)
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Jet-Paco, Hyper Special Space Agent! (NES)

An arcade-style game for your NES.

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Paco Rebollez is an astronaut in charge of finding and gathering energonia crystals, a material used to power spaceships. To aid him in his hard job, he has a special suit equipped with a small thermonuclear cell in the buttocks zone which exhales an invisible gas which Paco uses to rise and fly around.

Paco‘s company has detected an old abandoned ship containing as much as 20 crystals. Paco could retire if he could gather such a number of crystals, so he decides to ignore the perils he might find inside the ship and begins the search!

Use the control pad to move. Press B to thrust. Press START to pause. Press SELECT on menu options to select mission.

Maneuver through the spaceship to collect all the crystals. 

The game runs on all NES consoles (PAL and NTSC), though you might need to change the region in case it doesn't work in your console.
To do that, press RESET a couple of times when the NES is switched on and the red light is blinking until the game is working fine.
The game remembers the setting, so you only need to do that once.

Comes on cartridge with an english manual and a nice packaging.

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