Draiocht (NES)

A puzzle game similar to the Magical-Drop series with multiple gaming modes (Puzzle, vs Computer, vs human player).

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The Challenge of the Druids…

Draíocht is Irish (Gaeilge) for 'Magic' and in this game you play as a Druid using magic to divine the truth of what is happening to your country. The goal of the game is simple: place similar pieces adjacent to each other in order to clear them from the board. If you like the Magical Drop-Series, you'll love this one as well!

Besides the 1-Player- and vs-Computer-mode, you can also have challenge a friend in a 2-Player-Mode.

You were once the Royal Druid, but the cunning councillor Mogh Fathach has convinced the King that your prophecies are false and by listening to them he has doomed the kingdom. Win your freedom and save the kingdom by sifting through the fragments of destiny to reveal the truth of the future in this punishing druidic puzzle game!


* Test your intellect against 50 stages of devious puzzles!
* Race against the clock or plan your moves - every stage has special rules!
* Hazards like fatal skulls and immovable stones ramp up the difficulty!
* Solve the mystery of Mogh Fathach or die a villain!
* Earn one of three different awards, based on your time and scores!
* Already fought your way through the main quest? Match wits against the computer or friend in 2 player mode!

The game works on any original NES console as well as most clone consoles (except for the emulation-based ones like the RetroN5).

Comes on cartridge including packaging and full-color manual.

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