Sega Astro City Mini V

A 1:6 replica of the orignal Sega Astro City with vertical screen and matching games.

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The Sega Astro Mini V is a replica of the original Sega Astro City from 1993 in a factor of 1:6.
As you can already guess from the vertical screen: There are mostly classic arcade shooters installed on the system. A total of 22 games are included.

Even the material of the mini-arcade machine corresponds to that of the original model (resin).

The games can either be played directly in the device on the 4.6" screen or on a connected TV via HDMI - a vertical mode is also supported here, in case someone can rotate their monitor!

You can connect a controller via the USB ports and use it to comfortably play great classics on the big screen.


* High quality 1:6 scale Astro City replica with portrait screen (4.6")
* 22 original licensed games are built in (see below for list)
* Built-in mini arcade stick with buttons
* Can be operated on external monitor (also portrait via HDMI)
* USB controllers can be plugged in
* Power supply via micro USB (5V, 2A)
* Size and weight: 130mm x 170mm x 175mm, 600g

The following games are included with the system:

Truxton, Truxton II, Fire Shark, Outzone, Dogyuun, Batsugun, Grind Stormer, Moon Cresta, Zaxxon, Terra Crest, Cosmo Police Galivan, Action Fighter, Wrestle War, Raiden, Sonic Wings, Desert Breaker, Samurai Aces, Kingdom Grand Prix, Gunbird, Strikers 1945, Armed Police Batrider, Battle Bakraid Unlimited ver.

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