Anbernic Win600 (White, AMD3050e, 256GB SSD) (Preorder)

A small and compact handheld for Windows 10, SteamOS and Batocera Linux.

€399.16 (tax excl.)

This is a pre-order product. Once it is available in stock, your order will be dispatched.

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This is a pre-order! The device is expected to be delivered in August / September!

The new Anbernic Win600 is a small compact Windows handheld.

Speed-wise, the small AMD processor is about the same as the latest version of the GPD Win 2 - both have a passmark of about 2900. GPU processing power is also similar, though the Radeon drivers (which the Win600 uses) are generally more compatible with games than those from Intel.

This is obviously not enough for the latest AAA titles, but if you like to run some older PC games, indie titles or emulators, this little guy can do it.
Windows 10 Home is included, SteamOS can be installed without problems and Batocera Linux (ideal for emulation) can be booted directly from an SD card.

Fortunately, both the RAM and the SSD storage can be easily replaced and upgraded.

The USB-C port also supports HDMI and Displayport, so you can connect the handheld to a TV with a corresponding adapter.

The button layout focuses on DPad games. So if you primarily want to play retro or retro-inspired games that use the DPad, you'll be happy here.
The analog sticks are unfortunately not quite as comfortable to use. Those who primarily want to play games that use the analog stick will find their hands a bit cramped.

The device is also made entirely of plastic - and feels a bit cheap. Not a dealbreaker, but a bit of a shame when you consider the case quality of the RG351MP.
There are also no buttons to switch between tasks or exit the running program. Ideally, you should set up the device so that you have a launcher in the autostart that is completely usable with the game controls.
Alternatively, SteamOS runs wonderfully on the little one - and from SD card you can set up a Batocera Linux, which is perfect for emulation!

This is probably the best option. More info and a small review of the device can be found in this video:

Unfortunately, the biggest weakness of the Anbernic Win600 is the price.
Originally announced as a 200 USD handheld, it became a 399 USD device - or 475 EUR incl. VAT, since the USD/EUR exchange rate is really not the best at the moment.

However, everyone has to judge for themselves whether the device does what is expected from the price.

We are happy to offer it, but of course mention the weak points (as we always do).

Windows PC
AMD Radeon Graphics
AMD Radeon RX Vega 3
5.94 Inch
Display resolution
Display Type
DDR4 @ 2666MHz
3.5mm Headset
USB-C 3.1 Gen 2
Bluetooth 4.2
Wifi 2.4GHz / 5GHz - 2402Mbps MU-MIMO
Battery capacity
2* 4500mAh
236mm x 103mm x 22mm
Operating System
Windows 10 Home
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