GameBoy Color LCD-Mod (McWill) (We modify your unit, including USB-LiPo Battery mod)
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GameBoy Color LCD-Mod (McWill) (We modify your unit, including USB-LiPo Battery mod)

Replaces the display of the GameBoy color with a brandnew backlit one and replaces the Power port with a USB-Port that can even charge 14500 LiPo-Batteries!

€79.83 (tax excl.)
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The GameBoy Color is a cool handheld - but of course, the LCD isn't up to modern standards anymore.

That can now be fixed!
McWill did it again: After the awesome upgrade kits for the GameGear and both Lynx consoles, we're now happy to offer an upgrade for the GameBoy Color, which looks totally stunning!

Additionally, this mod improves the battery life using a rechargeable Li-Po-Battery (size 14500 - Note: the battery is NOT included!)
These can then be charged using a normal Mini-USB cable. Note that a normal battery cannot be used anymore then.

The Power port is replaced with a Mini-USB-Port.

We'll do the modification for you!

That's not a problem!

As soon as you place your order (incl. the modification), you'll receive an email with instructions how to ship the device to us.

Be aware that the GameBoy Color HAS to be fully functional!
We'll test it before doing the modification, and in case it doesn't work, we'll send it back (you'll get back your payment for the modification kit in that case, of course)

This offer includes all the needed hardware (McWills modification set). You only need to provide your own GameBoy Color.

If you also want to get the optimized Glass Screen cover installed, simply order it as well. We'll fit it for your for free.

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