DragonDrive (4MB MegaDrive Flashcart)
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DragonDrive (4MB MegaDrive Flashcart)

A programmable flashcart for the Sega MegaDrive / Genesis, perfectly suited to produce and publish your own Homebrew games.

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Our own developed DragonDrive Flashcart works with all MegaDrive- and Genesis-Consoles.

It's perfect if you want to create your own Homebrew game on cartridge.

It can also be used for Hacks, RePros (be sure to stay on the legal side!) and other uses.
The ROM can be reflashed multiple times, if need be.

Once flashed, it behaves like an original game: Insert it into your console, switch on and play - without any waiting time!

It does not support an SRAM battery, so battery-backed up games are not possible - but we also offer a version WITH SRAM-Support.
The biggest difference to Krikzz FlashKit Cart MD is that we're using level shifters instead of resistors. See our notes about that below.

This is the PCB only, but we're also selling empty shells and are also offering an all-in-one Flash-Service.

To flash the PCB yourself, you need to use Krikzz FlashKit Cart Programmer.
Krikzz' Software doesn't support the memory chip we used - you need to use our own one:

It easily compiles under Linux.

The Windows version of the flasher can be downloaded directly from this page.


* Supports games up to 4MB
* Can be written to multiple times
* Hiqh-Quality PCB developed and produced in Germany, using proper level shifters.

Some information about the Level Shifters:
There's an article written by db-electronics (you can read it here), which explains how and why flashcarts can damage your console.

In theory, the use of proper level shifters (as we do in this cartridge) is better than simple resistors (as in Krikzz FlashCart MD).

In practical use, no issues or damages are known so far - but it's up to you to decide what you think is better.

The level shifter solution is more expensive - that's why our carts cost a bit more.

Is it worth it? Decide yourself.

Technical Details
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