Hyperconvert 83 (Play Famicom on NES)

Play original Famicom games on the NES!

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The Hyperconver83 is a small but powerful converter that allows you to play original Famicom games on any normal NES - regardless of region.

Simply insert the Famicom module into the frame of the Hyperconvert, then insert it into the NES. That's it!

However, there is one restriction for European consoles: Not all NTSC games are compatible with the 50Hz of the NES!
Even if the games start in principle, it can lead to graphics problems. This is because European NES consoles have a completely different clock and timings - which is why they cannot be modified so easily.
This does not affect all games - but some become unplayable as a result.

This is not a problem with US consoles - they run with the same timings as the Famicoms.

Note: Unfortunately, the Famicom Everdrive Pro does not work because the module is too large.

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