Twin Dragons (NES)

A cheerful jump'n'run for your NES.

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Twin Dragons was originally released in 2016 as a prototype for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and quickly turned out to be a colorful and fun game.

After a successful award at the NESdev Coding Contest, the prototype game was further developed and adapted for a physical release as an NES module - which is now available for purchase, limited to 1000 copies!

Dragon twins Dinki and Minki live peacefully with their parents on a faraway island.
The family is cheerful and caring, as they await a happy event - the next eggs hatch soon!

One morning, the wizard of the neighboring Pygmy village takes advantage of the dragon parents' absence to steal their eggs and increase the powers of his community.

Minki and Dinki must resolve the situation before the parents return!

Embark on a tireless quest to free the precious eggs.
Roam the colorful island and use all your skills to defeat the enemies in this fascinating adventure.
Collect red and green peppers to activate surprising powers.
Hurl fire or ice balls at merciless enemies and bosses and bring the eggs back to your family.

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