Flashkit Programmer MD (Krikzz)

The flasher needed to program the Flaskit Cart MD and DragonDrive Flash Carts.

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Yhis flashe is needed to write, read and rewrite to the FlashCart MD by Krikzz or our own DragonDrive Flash Cart.

To flash the FlashCart MD-Carts, you need a Windows or Linux PC.

The software can be downloaded here: https://www.dragonbox.de/Downloads/FlashKitMD/
or Linux, you need to compile them yourself, though you can run the Windows software using Mono.

DThe DragonDrive Flash Carts need a different software. Right now, we only have a Linux version available.
Though if you develop a Windows version, feel free to let us know :D

You can download the software here:

Alternatively, we're offering a full flashing and production service - for small runs and also big runs, including boxes, manuals, publishing (if you don't want to do it yourself), etc. Just contact us :)

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