GameGear LCD-Mod (McWill) (Rev. 4) (640x480px IPS)

Replaces the display of the GameGear with a brandnew backlit one.

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The GameGear was a great handheld - but the display quality and battery time wasn't the best at all.

Both can now be fixed!
McWills LCD-Replacement kit gives your GameGear a brand new backlit LCD! The new version even offers brightness control!

This massively increases the picture quality and also increases the battery time a lot.

You can even add an optional VGA connector so you can connect the GameGear to a large screen (a hole needs to be cut into the case for that)

You can either do the modification yourself (look at the video or read the instructions manual which you can download below) or let us do the modification for you.

If you want that we do the modification for you, head here for the VGA version and here for the one without VGA Port.

This works with every GameGear EXCEPT for the Majesco-Version (which can easily be identified by having a white GameGear logo on the display cover, whereas the Sega GameGear has a colored one) and VA5-Boards.

The modification supports different scalings as well as a scanline-emulation (which makes it look VERY authentic!)

Here is a video that shows the modification process as well as differences between the original GameGear and the modded one:

One small drawback:
As the GameGear used rectangle pixels, the resolution of the new display can't be perfect. So games with scrolling have some small funky effects, games without scrolling still look great. The emulated scanlines minimizes that issue so that it's not really disturbing anymore.

Included with this modification kit:

* LCD incl. the PCB, fully tested.
* Instructions for the modification
* VGA-Connector (which is optional)

If you want to do the modification yourself, you need to be experienced with the soldering iron, you need screwdrivers to open the device and some wires.

BE AWARE that we cannot give you any warranty or take back a kit in case you damaged it or your GameGear during the modification. The kits have ALL been tested to work, but in case you damage something, it's not our fault! (of course, we still try to help you solve the damage as good as possible!)

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