McWill GameGear Full Mod - 1ASIC (HDMI, LiPo-Batteries, IPS-LCD, Joystick and more)

The biggest and best upgrade kit from McWill. With it you can even bring completely broken GameGears back to life!

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You need to buy this kit is you have a 1-ASIC GameGear. Unfortunately, Majesco-Types are not supported.

The McWill Fullmod turns a GameGear into a brand new handheld! Even if your GameGear is so broken that you can't get it to work anymore, the probability is high that it will work again with this kit. Because all you need are the ASICs of the original device - and these are defective in the rarest of cases.

This mod consists of a completely pre-installed board. Besides the ASIC(s), you still need the cartridge slot and the crystal from an original GameGear board. If you don't want to desolder the cartridge slot, you can also use the replacement slot from RetroSix, which is available from us. Furthermore you need an audio board. You can use either the original GameGear or McWill's audio board.

The conversion is NOT easy and only recommended for people with good soldering skills! You need at least a hot air soldering station.
You can see the exact installation in the manual (you can find it in the downloads tab).
We will also offer a conversion service soon.

What exactly does this conversion offer / what is included?

* Full replacement for the original GameGear motherboard.
* HDMI video output
* 640x480 pixel IPS LCD
* LiPo batteries with USB-C charging port
* Switch stick can be used instead of DPad (optional, included)
* Two 9-pin joystick ports (optional, included)
* Configurable RGB LEDs

What do you need for this conversion / what is NOT included?

* The audio board is NOT included. Here you take the original or a new one (we also have in the store)
* NOT included is the cartridge slot. Here you also solder out the old one or take a new one (also available in the store)
* NOT included is a case! Here the same applies as with the first two points. The case must be partially milled out (stick, LCD, joystick ports).
* NOT included is the Crystal and the ASICs. You have to desolder them from the old GameGear board yourself.

Important: The mods are all tested and work. But of course we can't give any warranty for defects due to improper installation.

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