Legacy16 2.4GHz Wireless Controller (Classic Grey)
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Legacy16 2.4GHz Wireless Controller (Classic Grey)

A wireless controller similar to the classic SNES controller design - compatible with SNES, Switch, and most USB devices (receivers included)

€21.20 (tax excl.) €25.20 - €4.00

Preorder now to ensure you will receive your controller upon release in May 2021!

Retro-Bit®'s Platinum Series of controllers is dedicated to classic retro gaming and features ultimate versatility for any gaming genre. Modeled after the SNES® controller, The Legacy16 2.4GHz wireless controller features a classic feel but reengineered to accommodate Home and Screenshot buttons, additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons, and includes SNES and USB® receivers. This high-quality controller is built with D-input and X-input support to play fluently on Switch, and other USB-enabled devices allowing you to truly experience a modern way of retro gaming with a legacy of a controller.

    • Compatible with SNES, Switch, and most USB devices
    • Includes SNES and USB 2.4 GHz receivers
    • Additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons
    • Features Home and Screenshot buttons
    • Additional macros for versatile gameplay

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