Alwa's Awakening / Cathedral (Evercade Cartridge 27)

0Two huge exploration-heavy platform adventures for your Evercade!

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In the Alwa's Awakening and Cathedral cartridge for Evercade, you've got two huge exploration-heavy platform adventures ahead of you. Save the land of Alwa as the video game-loving Zoe in Alwa's Awakening, and discover the truth behind an unnamed knight's identity in the mysterious Cathedral.


Alwa's Awakening

Genre: Platformer
Players: 1

In Alwa's Awakening for Evercade, you play Zoe, an everyday sort of girl who just happens to enjoy video games. After dozing off playing games until the early hours, you find yourself in the land of Alwa — and apparently only you can save it from the nightmares in this sprawling platform adventure game!


Genre: Platformer
Players: 1

In Cathedral for Evercade, you are a knight with no name, and you've awoken in an unfamiliar world. Can you uncover the truth behind your identity and defeat the fearsome guardians of the demi-god Ardur?
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