Installation of the PixelFX Retro G.E.M. N64 HDMI Kit (Basic Version) (Kit is included)

One HDMI kit for multiple consoles!

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This set includes the PixelFX Retro G.E.M., the N64 Adapter kit as well as the installation done by us.

PixelFX have long since made a name for themselves with their ingenious HDMI conversion kits for consoles.

Finally you could connect your consoles to modern TVs without any problems, without adapters, with the best picture quality, optional filters and without delay.

The new Retro G.E.M. is a sensible further development of these console kits:

Instead of developing a separate kit for each console, the Retro G.E.M. now provides a single standard kit, which is adapted to the various consoles using additional adapter boards. Not all console versions are supported. You can check whether your console is supported on this page:

This means:

* Lower costs (as a complete new kit does not have to be developed each time)
* Uniform operation and functions for all supported consoles
* The adapters can be purchased separately and used to convert the basic kit from one console to a completely different one

To make the kit even more affordable, there are two software versions: The Basic version (which is sufficient for many) and a Shiny version, which offers some extended functions and displays the image even more beautifully.

The great thing about this is that, as it is a software update, the basic version can be upgraded at any time - without having to reopen the console.
This means that anyone can test out whether the basic version is sufficient - and then upgrade to the Shiny version at any time (even months later without any problems).
You can do this directly via the manufacturer here:

Here is a comparison of the Basic version and the Shiny version:

Retro G.E.M. Basic

Retro G.E.M. Shiny


without scalingYesYes
Scaling 480pYesYes
Scaling 720pYesYes
Scaling 1080pNoYes
Scaling 1440pNoYes




Freely definableYesYes

Retro effects

Standard scanlinesYesYes
Customizable scanlinesNoYes
Slot mask simulationNoYes

We will install the kit for you.

Once you placed your order, you'll receive an email from us (usually within 24 hours) where to send your console.
You arrange the shipping to us yourself, using your favourite shipping company.

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