Pyra Handheld Black (Standard)

Finally - you can finish your Pyra preorder and get the long awaited unit!

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Finally, the time has come - your Pyra is finally ready to be shipped!

Thanks a lot for your support, your money and your time!

Without you (and all the others :)), this journey wouldn't have been possible.

But still, the development has cost a LOT more than we thought. The final price will not cover these expenses. Not even close, sadly.
I have no idea about your situation, but if you have some spare money left, it would be great if you could support us (but don't worry, we still love you if you don't :D)

This is possible by buying accessories (like batteries, a transparent case, etc.) or with donations. You can find direct links further down.

Thanks in advance :)

To finish your order, put the Pyra and any accessories or other products you might want to order into the cart.
When you complete the order, you can enter your voucher code to reduce the final price.

Your received a voucher code when you preordered the Pyra via email - if you lost it for some reason, please do contact us, we can recover it for you.

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