Installation of xStation (ODE) Mod Kit (PSX) (PU-18) (Kit is included)

Replaces your PSX CD drive with a micro SD card slot!

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We produce the xStation under license completely in Germany, it's available from stock and ready to be shipped!

We thus support the domestic economy and can ensure a high quality production.

The xStation is basically the Everdrive for the PlayStation: The old CD drive is replaced by a MicroSD card slot - and you can comfortably load all your games directly from SD card! Perfect for all those who want to preserve their collection - or for whom the drive no longer works properly (which should be the case for many).

The highlights of the xStation:

* Full compatibility with the PlayStation 1 library.
* Full redump drag and drop support
* Supports multi-CD games and easy switching
* Return to loader by holding the reset button for 1 second
* PS1Digital compatibility and IGR support via PS1Digital's OSD menu
* microSD cards of any size are supported
* Supports ExFAT and FAT32
* Supports .iso, ccd/img, cue/bin (single and multiple)
* Region free (due to built-in PSNee), you don't need another modchip
* Automatic 50/60Hz switching
* Load times are slightly faster than an original drive in good condition.
* Easy firmware updates - just copy it to the SD card - done!
* No registration required for updates, you can also downgrade without any problems.


The xStation can be installed in original PlayStation consoles of the SCPH-100x, SCPH-5xxx and some SCPH-700x series.
This is the version with PU-18 board. It is suitable for SCPH-5001, SCPH-5500, SCPH-5501, SCPH-5502, SCPH-5503 and SCPH-5552 models.

Some of the SCPH-700x models have a PU-20 motherboard installed - this will not work. A PU-18 motherboard is required.

A nice overview of the different models and motherboards can be found in this wiki.

More information as well as detailed installation instructions can be found in the official wiki.

Please choose which QSB you need!


We'll install the xStation for you into your PlayStation console! The only thing you need to do is send it to us :)

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