The latest and best RetroTINK so far - with tons of features!

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Please note: Due to limited supply, launch will be handled direct at We will receive units in early 2024.

The price is an approximation at the moment, it can still change a bit depending on the real costs we will have (currency exchange rate, shipping costs, etc.)
We will probably start to take preorders shortly before the units are ready so we have an estimation of how high the demand is.
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Here's a video that shows the RetroTink-4k in action - including how profiles work and how awesome a job it does!

The RetroTINK-4K is the latest evolution of the RetroTINK line of video line doublers and upscalers. Below is a list of a few standout features.


  • HDMI (TM) 2.0 up to 4K60.
    • Flexible output modes including 480p, 1080p, 1440p at various refresh rates (60/120/etc.)
    • Custom modelines possible via a text file on the SD card
  • Fully buffered video (drop-free on input changes), Gen Locked and Frame Locked sync modes
  • HDR10 output with full color correction to Rec. 2020
  • User selectable colorimetry (Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, sRGB, etc.)
  • High frame rate output modes: 1440p120, 1080p120
  • Optional deep color output (10 bits at 4K60 may not be compatible with all displays)
  • Up to 8-ch LPCM audio


  • Wide array of inputs that support virtually every single format out of the box
  • HD15/VGA:
    • RGBHV
    • RGBS
    • RGsB
    • YPbPr
    • S-Video
    • Composite
    • RGBS
    • RGsB
    • YPbPr
    • S-Video
    • Composite
  • Rear RCA
    • YPbPr
    • RGsB
    • Composite
  • Front Composite
  • Front S-Video
  • Analog audio input up to 96 kHz/24-bit wth full gain control
  • Optical TOSLINK audio input supporting 2-Ch LPCM or compressed surround
  • Audio input can be independently selected of video source
  • HDMI (TM) 1.4 Input supporting up to 1920x1080p60/1920x1200p60 CVT-rb and 8-Ch LPCM or compressed surround


  • Powerful Cyclone V 5CEBA7-series FPGA with 149.5k LE and 7.696 Mbits of BRAM
  • 600 MHz HDMI (TM) 2.0 transmitter
  • 48-bit wide low-latency SDRAM frame buffer
  • Standard USB-C 5V power input
  • Full size SD card data storage
  • Custom designed heat sink for passive cooling

Analog Video

  • Automatic gain calibration
  • Automatic phase calibration
  • Automatic input cropping to trim borders
  • Full control of gain, offset and sample rate
  • Console specific automatic sample rate detection (experimental feature, SNES, PS1, PS2 and Genesis profiles for both NTSC and PAL)
  • Support for a wide variety of off-spec arcade and PC boards (may require custom profiles to properly trim and center the image)
  • Max RGB/component resolution of 1920x1080p60 or 1920x1200p60 CVT-rb
  • Robust composite/S-video decoder with multi-region support (NTSC, PAL, PAL-60, SECAM)


  • Fully flexible, custom cropping and zooming in the horizontal and vertical space independent of other settings
  • Automatic aspect ratio correction to 4:3 or 16:9
  • Motion adaptive deinterlacing including film modes for 3:2 and 2:2 inverse telecine (experimental feature)
  • RoTATE 90 deg clockwise or counterclockwise (for 240p, 288p and 360p inputs)

CRT Simulation

  • Multiple CRT beam profiles
  • Fully configurable CRT beam strength and intensity modulation
  • Adjustable CRT masks and strength
  • Interlaced video simulation with offset scanlines
  • LCD simulation patterns that automatically adapt to scaling, including non-integer factors

Image Processing

  • End to end RGB pipeline with internal 12-bit precision
  • Conventional gamma and approximated modes to minimize quantization error
  • Advanced and fully configurable gamma and perceptual quantizer (HDR)
  • Advanced color gamut transforms to simulate different display technologies
  • Black frame insertion engine with customizable pattern and intensity
  • Linear light processing


  • User profiles stored on SD card
  • Profiles can be assigned to 1-12 buttons on remote
  • Auto-load profile on powerup
  • Includes profiles made by legends FireBrandX and Wobbling Pixels

User Interface 

  • Advanced OSD menu based system
  • Custom premium remote control
  • Firmware upgradable via SD card

Product Contents

  • RetroTINK-4K Unit
  • 8GB SD Card with pre-loaded software and profiles
  • USB-A/USB-C SD Card Reader
  • Remote Control
  • USB-A to USB-C power cord

Due to wide range of international plug types as well as product liability with AC adapters, we are not including a power brick. You may use any USB source supplying at least 5V/2A.

User Manual

The user manual is hosted at the RetroTINK-4K Wiki and is updated as new features are added.

Technical Details