Atari Arcade 1 (Evercade Arcade Cartridge 4)

The Atari Arcade 1 cartridge brings 13 classic Atari arcade games to the Evercade, including: Liberator, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Centipede, Asteroids Deluxe, Pong and more!

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The Atari Arcade 1 cartridge brings 13 classic Atari arcade games to the Evercade, including: Liberator, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Centipede, Asteroids Deluxe, Pong and more!

Collectable cartridge number: 04


Asteroids Deluxe

Genre: Shoot 'em up
Players: 2

Asteroids Deluxe is a more challenging variant of Atari's record-breaking smash hit Asteroids game. Blast the never-ending streams of space rocks, but watch out for alien saucers and killer satellites!

Canyon Bomber

Genre: Action
Players: 2

What good is a canyon if it's full of rocks? In Canyon Bomber you drop bombs from your blimp and your biplane into the canyon to clear up the mess — and do your best to score more points than your opponent while you're at it!


Genre: Shoot 'em up
Players: 1

Shoot all the segments of the Centipede as it descends the screen — but watch out for all the other hazards this perilous garden has to offer!

Crystal Castles

Genre: Maze
Players: 2

In Crystal Castles, the goal is to get the gems playing as Bentley Bear. Navigate your way through the evil Berthilda's 37 perilous castles and grab as many of the sparkling crystals as you can. But watch out — you're not the only one after the shinies!


Genre: Shoot 'em up
Players: 2

Commander Champion and the Atari Force need your help to free the galaxy from the evil Malaglon Army! In Liberator you command your fleet of ships to liberate a series of planets by destroying the Malaglon bases — but watch out for missiles!

Lunar Lander

Genre: Simulation
Players: 1

There's a moon, and it's your job to land on it. You need to watch your speed in Lunar Lander and touch down on the craggy lunar surface safely as many times as you can to score the most points possible!


Genre: Shoot 'em up
Players: 2

Take on the role of The Archer as he attempts to defend his mushroom forest from gigantic insect monsters. Millipede is a follow-up to Centipede which offers faster, more challenging action for the real pro bug blasters!

Missile Command

Genre: Shoot 'em up
Players: 2

The planet Zardon has always been a utopia, but their stellar neighbours on Krytolia are the jealous type. In Missile Command, you must save the planet by fending off the Krytolian barrage of missiles, satellites and bombs!

Night Driver

Genre: Racing
Players: 1

Night Driver was one of the first games to display real-time first person graphics. Put the pedal to the metal and drive as far as you can before time expires!


Genre: Sports
Players: 2

Created by Alan Alcorn as a training exercise assigned to him by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell, Pong went on to become the first commercially successful video game. And it's still one of the most competitive two-player games in the world


Genre: Sports
Players: 2

It's a lovely day to jump out of a plane and be a Skydiver, so that's exactly what you and a friend are going to do. The later you open your parachute, the more points you score — but keep an eye on the wind!

Super Breakout

Genre: Block-breaker
Players: 2

Take on the challenge of the 1978 Arcade smash hit Super Breakout. Compete against an ever-advancing wall in Progressive mode, free two trapped balls in Cavity mode, or control two paddles at once in Double's multi-ball action!


Genre: Block-breaker
Players: 4

You are a warlord, and you're not at all happy about the other warlords who live nearby. Blast down your rivals' walls by deflecting the local dragon's fireballs with your shield!


1. Asteroids
2. Canyon Bomber
3. Centipede
4. Crystal Castles
5. Liberator
6. Lunar Lander
7. Millipede
8. Missile Command
9. Night Driver
10. Pong
11. Skydiver
12. Super Breakout
13. Warlords

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