Retro-Bit SEGA Genesis / MD BIG6 2.4GHz Wireless controller (Black)

A 6-button wireless controller in the style of the original MegaDrive controller, for PC and MegaDrive!

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You always preferred the original MegaDrive controller to the later 6-button controller - but you didn't want to do without the 6 buttons and the shoulder button?

Then we have something for you: RetroBit and SEGA present the BIG6 controller.
It's basically the original, bigger MegaDrive controller - but with 6 fire buttons - and wireless for PC and MegaDrive / Genesis!

It says "Genesis" on the controller, but of course it is also compatible with the MegaDrive.

In addition, Retro-Bit has made some other improvements:
The START button is now located above the 6 Buttona. There it can be reached comfortably, but cannot be pressed by mistake.
The DPad has also been adapted in shape and feels much more comfortable. In addition, there are two more buttons (Home and Select) on the controller, ideal for PC games.

This is the wireless version with two receivers - one for the original MegaDrive / Genesis and a USB dongle for PCs and similar devices.

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