Commotron Gamepad Turbo 2000 Super

A wireless controller for retro computers and the Atari VCS series.

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  • C64 Design​
  • Atari Wood Design​
  • Atari Jr Design​
  • Amiga Design​
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The name of the controlloer sounds like it's straight out of the 80s - with a good reson:
This is a gamepad designed specifically for computers from the 80s - wireless and with an included 9-pin receiver.

Available in four different designs, it is not only compatible with the most important computers of the 80s and the Atari VCS series, it also offers the possibility to reassign the buttons and e.g. put the upward movement of the joystick (jumping in most Jump'n'Runs) on its own fire button.

You can hardly play more comfortably.

Thanks to the use of normal AAA batteries, you also don't have to worry about not getting a new battery for the controller in the future.

Compatible with:

Commodore® VIC20, C64, C128, AMIGA®, ATARI®, 65XE, 130XE, 400, 800, 2600 / JR, 7800, XE, ST (260/520), ZX SPECTRUM

Note: On the Commodore 264 (16/116/+4) series it only works with a 9pin DSub adapter for normal joysticks
And: On the Atari STF 520/1040 (joystick below) it only works with an extension cable, because the receiver is 3mm too long for it.

The details:

* Up to 6 meters radio range
* Runs on 2 standard AAA batteries
* 3 independent fire buttons for best gaming
* 6 selectable button assignments for Commodore / Amiga & Atari / 7800 compatibility and to switch jump and fire button
* 9 pin standard Kempston joystick connector.

Technical Details
Atari VCS
ZX Spectrum
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