Yazzie (MegaDrive / Genesis)
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Yazzie (MegaDrive / Genesis)

A cool puzzle-platformer for your MegaDrive / Genesis!

€37.82 (tax excl.)
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Please note: At the moment, the EU collects 25% (on top of the VAT!) on importing video games and accessories from the US.
That's the reason for the currently high price. The receives more than 12 EUR taxes for each game bought!
We're working together with Mega Cat Studios to impove the situation, but we hope you can live with the higher price and continue to support new developments for retro game consoles at the moment!

Take on the role of a care-free gold digger as he navigates a dangerous old mansion in search of untold treasures. Help the hapless hero as he finds gold, avoids deadly traps, and dodges the dangerous denizens of the mansion.

Dig your way to glory with the powerful pickaxe!
Solve devious puzzles while avoiding ghouls!
Use traps to your advantage to fell enemies and clear a path!

The game comes on cartridge complete with a printed fullcolor-manual (in English) in a standard high-quality MegaDrive / Genesis packaging.

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