Switchblade (MegaDrive / Genesis) (Proerder)

A port of a classic Amiga action platformer to the MegaDrive / Genesis.

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We are placing a final order for this game with Piko Interactive. No more copies will be made - this pre-order could be the last chance to get the game. Pre-orders will run until 20 October, with delivery scheduled for early November.

Developed by Core Design for Gremlin Graphics, Switchblade is a classic Amiga action platformer from the late 80's, now ported to your Mega Drive!

New Cover Artwork by Simon Phipps original creator of Switchblade!

The Fireblade, sacred symbol of the ancient Switchblade clan, has been smashed into 16 pieces by the evil Havoc - but they say that a Hiro can save it, and as Hiro, you must retrieve the 16 pieces and restore your people's pride.

The gameplay is platform and ladders based, set both inside and outside. The layout of the territories becomes visible as you progress, and they can contain bonus weapons and secret rooms. Unlike the sequel you start without weaponry, and this is gained directly, rather than you collecting coins and trading them at shop sections. Holding down fire progressively builds up your fighting power.

The game received generally positive reviews back when it was released on the Amiga. It's been created by the same person who later created the Rick Dangerous serious - and it plays similar.

Game cartridge is Region FREE and runs on all official MegaDrive / Genesis consoles as well as most clone consoles.

Product contents include:

•Plastic Box
•Color Instruction Manual
•Game Cartridge

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