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Evercade VS Premium Pack (Two controllers, two game packs)

The Evercade VS Premium pack contains: the Evercade VS Home Console, 2 Controllers and the Technos Arcade Cartridge 1 and Data East Arcade Cartridge 1

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Evercade VS expands the possibilities of Retro Gaming at home. Using the Evercade Cartridge infrastructure, the VS can have two carts simultaneously, expanding the available playable game library to up to 40 games at any one time.
It does play most Evercade Handheld system carts (except for Namco Museum 1 and 2) and will get it's own cartridge collection as well. Over 260 licensed game titles are already available!

The new Evercade VS can have up to four players simultaneously using Evercade Game Controllers or other USB Game Controllers.
The Evercade controller helps to expand the capability of games with all the features of the handheld with its highly acclaimed D-Pad and four button X/Y/A/B controls and new expanded bumper controls with L1/L2/R1/R2 to support 90s controls schemes.

You can even use the Evercade Handheld console as a controller with a special Red USB Cable (Sold Separately). All of your progress can be saved via multiple save states on the game cartridge, making it easy to resume your game on the go via the Evercade Handheld.

The features:

* 2 Controllers and 2 game carts included (Technos Arcade Cartridge 1, Data East Arcade Cartridge 1)
* Play with up to 4 players 1080p output for modern HDMI TVs
* Compatible with over 24 Evercade cartridges (except for Namco Museum 1 and 2 which are Handheld exclusives)
* Save your game with multiple save states
* Supports 8,16 and 32 bit officially licensed games
* Multiple screen ratios and filters WiFi built in

Games included with the system:

Technos Arcade Cartridge 1: Battle Lane Vol. 5, Block Out, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone, The Combatribes, Mania Challenge, Minky Monkey und Mysterious Stones Dr. John's Adeventure 7

Data East Arcade Cartridge 1: Burger Time, Bad Dudes VS. Dragonninja, Gate of Doom, Wizard Fire, Breakthru, Tumblepop, Darwin 4078, Sly Spy, Chain Reaction und Lock 'N' Chase

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