Alien Cat 2 (MegaDrive / Genesis)
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Alien Cat 2 (MegaDrive / Genesis)

A puzzle game for your MegaDrive / Genesis

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Once again the universe is under attack by ruthless enemies. But peoples can be calm, because the Alien Cat is on his guard.

Our cute pixel hero can withstand any circumstances.
In this top-down puzzle game you will help cute black cat to save the universe. You should collect all spaceship parts on levels and reach the portal.

But this is not as easy as it first seems. Traps are everywhere. Mines and stakes - be careful to avoid all of them.
And by the way look carefully for your clones as they can trigger traps as well. The clones mimic all your movements, but stop when they hit a wall. Avoid mines and enemies and push the buttons to lower the stakes.


* 30 levels with progressive difficulty.
* Retry a level as often as you like
* Cartridge with printed manual and box

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