PocketGo 2 v2 Handheld (3,5" LCD)
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PocketGo 2 v2 Handheld (3,5" LCD)

A small handheld powered by Linux, perfectly suited to emulate your favourite classic games!

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The PocketGo2 v2 is a an upgrade compared of the Pocket2.

It's almost the same hardware but has improved and more responsive buttons as well as a better and scratch resistand coating.
The only real downside is still the analog slider: It's not a very good one - and always feels like there is some sand in there.
Luckily, most Retro Games don't need an analog slider!

It features a screen size of 3.5" (same size the classic GP2X or GCW Zero used) and as it uses almost the same hardware as the GCW Zero did, it can run its software out of the box! ( You can find games for that here: https://boards.dingoonity.org/gcw-releases/gcw-zero-release-index/ )

If you ever wanted to get a GCW Zero but couldn't get one: This is the perfect replacement!

It features a 3.5" screen with a 320x240 resolution - perfect for Retro games!
It's fast enough for most classic consoles (8bit and 16bit) and even runs most PS1 games with fullspeed!

Our PocketGo2 systems have the latest Rogue CFW installed which can also be downloaded from here:

It also has a selection of public domain games and some emulators preinstalled.

What's great is that it has two SD Card slots. The left one contains the SD Card with your firmware and the second one can be used for apps, roms, music, etc.

So you can easily try out different OS images or tinker around with it without losing your installed games or roms!

Installing games is as easy as simply copying them onto a partition of the SD Card. With Linux, this works out of the box.
With Windows, you need to use a free tool like Paragon LinuxFS.

If that's too complicated for you - fear not:
You can also simply use a standard FAT32-formatted MicroSD card and put them into the second SD Card slot. Then you don't have to worry about partitions!

Any OPKs copied into a subdirectory called "apps" on the SD Card will automatically appear in the menu.

It uses the same battery as the Xiaomi Mi, Mi2 and Mi2s (BM20) which can be easily replaced by opening the battery lid, so you don't have to worry about non-available replacement batteries!

Included in the package is:

* The handheld (of course)
* USB Cable
* 32GB MicroSD Card (with the OS preinstalled)
* Buttons (if you want to replace them).
* Rubber cover for the analog stick
* Instruction Manual
* MicroSD Card Reader

Technical Details
JZ4770 Dual-Core 64Bit - 1.00Ghz
3.5 Inch
Display resolution
3.5mm Headset
Battery capacity
Special Features
Gaming Controls
138mm x 75mm x 15mm
Operating System