PixelFX DCDigital Kit HW2 (Dreamcast)

The best HDMI Output Kit for your Sega Dreamcast.

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Let's clear one question upfront:
Why should I get this Upgrade Kit if the Retro G.E.M. will also receive an adapter to support the Dreamcast sometime in the future?

There are a few reasons:

* The DCDigital Kit HW2 has the same functionality as the Retro G.E.M. Shiny Edition - but it's a bit cheaper.
* The DCDigital Kit is available NOW - and it's not yet known when the DC Adapter for the G.E.M. will be finished.
* The advantage of the Retro G.E.M. is that you can use the mainboard in a different console. But this is only relevant in case you plan to uninstall the kit from your Dreamcast.
* If you already own the DCDigital Kit HW1, you can simply replace the mainboard - no need to resolder anything.

So, after clearing up these points, let's see what the DCDigital HW2 is:

The DCDigital HW2 is the ultimate video upgrade kit for the Sega Dreamcast. This board must be installed into your own Dreamcast. 
Please refer to the installation documentation for more information.    

The features:

* Digital lag-free HDMI output up to 1440p
* Simple firmware update procedure via WiFi
* Video Filters: Scanlines / Smoothing
* Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing
* Retro effects with new mask
* Configurable polyphase scaler.
* Drop in replacement to older DCHDMI kit (Uses same main flex and hdmi hole as existing kits)

Here's a nice installation guide:

If you don't want to install it yourself, we do also offer an installation service. 

Please note: All DCDigital Kits have been tested to make sure they work. We cannot give any warranty on issues that occur due to improper installation.

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