Checkmate Products

We are pleased to offer you the great products of Steve Jones from England: The Checkmate case series, the monitor stands (Garage) and in the near future probably also the Checkmate monitors.

The Checkmate desktop cases are modern cases based on the Amiga 3000 design for retro computers (primarily the Amiga, of course).

The cases are extremely flexible and configurable. You can either install an original Amiga (A500/A600/A1200) or build yourself a nice emulation system - supported are small PC motherboards (Micro ATX / Mini ITX), the Vampire V4 standalone, the Mister or the Raspberry Pi4.

Thanks to different front panels, you can add any components in the front of the case like a floppy drive or CD/DVD drive.

So you can build your dream desktop retro computer.

Primarily, there are currently the following three products:

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Checkmate A1500 Plus

The largest version of the case. Up to two front panels can be installed here. In addition, there are optional elevations that allow a small keyboard to be slid under the case, as with the Amiga 1000.

The Checkmate A1500 Plus is suitable for original Amiga 500/600/1200 mainboards as well as MiniIITX / MicroATX PC mainboards.
With the installation kits, which are available in the store, you can also install a Vampire V4, a Raspberry Pi4 or a Mister. But for this the A1500 Mini is better suited - unless you like huge cases with tiny contents :)

The original Amiga 500 or 1200 keyboard can be installed in an external case. For the Amiga 500 there is a cable set, for the Amiga 1200 you would currently have to work with USB and a Keyrah. For the Amiga 500 we also have a PS/2 adapter which allows to connect a normal PS/2 keyboard.

Checkmate A1500 Mini

The Checkmate A1500 Mini can't be equipped with an original Amiga motherboard,
. In the basic configuration, normal Mini ITX boards fit in, with appropriate installation kits, a Mister, a Vampire V4 or a Raspberry Pi can be installed.

For full retro enjoyment, we also offer a USB keyboard with MX switches and corresponding keycaps in Amiga design. Currently only with international layout - but a German layout is planned.


Checkmate Garage

The Checkmate Garage is not a complete case, but just a garage for computers with built-in keyboard - i.e. BBC Micro, C64, Amiga, etc..

It is so robust that you can put tube monitors on top of it without any problems. So after use you can neatly slide your computer under the monitor and clean up.

Buy ready-made packages or put them together yourself?

Since assembling cases for the desired purpose is not always easy, we have a category with ready-made packages that contain everything you need to assemble for a specific system.

In addition, we also have categories where parts for the desired enclosure can be ordered individually - for anyone who knows what they are doing.

Of course you can always ask us via chat if something is unclear or you have further questions.