Morphcat Collection 1 (Evercade Cartridge 25)
The Morphcat Games Collection 1 features 3 fantastic 8-bit indie games including Micro Mages, Böbl and Spacegulls, plus standalone expansion Micro Mages: Second Quest and the Super Bat Puncher Demo.
Intellivision Collection 2 (Evercade Cartridge 26)
The Intellivision Collection 2 cartridge for Evercade features 12 beloved Intellivision games, including the legendary role-playing game Tower of Doom and classic dungeon crawler Cloudy Mountain.
Battletoads & Double Dragon (NES)
Developed by Rare and published by Tradewest in 1993, Battletoads & Double Dragon brought two of the 20th century's most iconic beat 'em up franchises together for an unforgettable adventure to save Earth from the evil Dark Queen and Shadow Boss.
Thunder Paw (MegaDrive / Genesis)
Discover a pixel-art platformer with five different levels and different scenarios, as well as a ton of weapons to be used to annihilate each level boss.
The Eye of Typhoon (PC/3DO)
This is the limited edition repackage of the classic fighting game "The Eye of Typhoon".